Everybody look at me,
But nobody knows
What I have, who I am...

Don't tell me what I have to do
(To do)
I'm not have you, my shoe!
(My shoe)
I know wahat you say
I'm just one more chick,
But now... Stop!

Not a chick, not your,
I'm a doll!
If you think I'm that girl
You are wrong 'cause now I am..

What you lie to my friends?
You are a beutiful, but no mind.
I'm a doll, I want to be more pretty
No... Stop!

Chorus (3X)
Can`t you see me?
You are beautiful, no minds.
I am a doll like you.
I want you to be a beautiful dolls like me?
Come here let me be you? Who me?
Come here let me be you? Who me?
Come here baby it's you that I really need too be right next too me?

This time I wont fell right now. In my arms right now.
Come on baby it's you that I really care about you? Don't let go?
Right I fell you right right now? Come come? Come come Come? Come Come? Know me? Listen!! Too you? You and I? Me Myself and I, I`m in love with this Original Doll.
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Original Doll Lyrics