Do u feel this?
I’m gonna feel this
Are u ready?
I don’t think so

Somebody give me my truck
So I can ride on the clouds
So I can turn up the pace…like

Somebody pass my guitar
So I can look like a star
And spend the cash like

What u gonna do when the crowd goes “eoh”
Why u standing on the wall?
Music’s starting everywhere!
SO why don’t u just move along?

I see u looking at me
Like I’m some kind of a freak
Get up out of your seat
Why don’t u do something?

I see you looking at me
Like I got what you need
Get up out of your seat
Why don’t u do something?

Now you all in my grill
Cause I say what I feel
Only rock to what’s real

But I cant do that with you
I’ll be here with my crew
You can roll if you want
Don’t be a bum bum!!!

Pre chorus


I see you lookin over here
Can’t you tell I’m having fun?
If you know it like I know
You would stop!!!
Let’s turn it up!!
And get you into space
And DO something!!!

Chorus (x2)

Do something!!!
Why don't you do something?!
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Do Something Lyrics

Britney Spears – Do Something Lyrics