I'm late again
Got a lower grade today than yesterday
You hate me
That's why you don't care what I have to say

And I try
But my running sucks
And I try
But I hate doing gym class

I, I play guitar
But in your class
That won't get me far
Please give me a "C"
So that I can be
Finally out of P.E.

I'm never gonna win a medal
But maybe a grammy
You don't care
You just wanna make sure that you fail me

In my mind
I'm so far away
In my mind
I made a mistake


You may think I'm just a troublemaker
But I have talent you can't see
Just because I'm not athletic
Doesn't mean that you can degrade me
I show up, shouldn't that be enough

[Chorus: x2]
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Finally Out Of P.E. Lyrics

Brie Larson – Finally Out Of P.E. Lyrics

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