We're the Super Power, God's of the hour
We got God on our side, you can't hide
Cause we got the bomb in the Promised Land
One nation under whom? Got blood on our hands

I am bigger than the government
I am hungrier than the poor
Anybody with one good eye can see
That nothing good comes from war

Generals and Presidents think it's a coincidence
You know world dominance pride and prejudice
Blow it up build it back, pat our enemies on the back
Drop our bombs roll our tanks teach our foes how to give thanks

I met the spies sent from the government
All their dirty money says in God we trust
You vote them in then you want them out
You sell democracy I have my doubts

Send our kids, march the poor on tv., knives to their throats
Spilling blood making bombs body bags will never vote
Meaningless rituals politics is on parade
Repeating the past like criminals, who is the renegade?
Can't we live in the peace that we create?
No man can serve two masters you have something to explain
There's no hope in your creed a man must live on his knees
I have no faith in institutions I believe in revolution
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The Government Lyrics

Bride – The Government Lyrics