Give me a convertible and a girl in a white dress
Faster she says, I like that the best
Radio playing all her favorite tunes
Honey from my lips like sweet perfume
I may be an outlaw, no rope around my neck
Shoot my way out, some lipstick and a stacked deck
Riding in the dark, kissing in the rain
Protect my reputation by changing my name
I'm the devil if you want to lose your freedom
I'm the devil If you have nothing to lose
I'm the devil If you want it all now
I'm the devil Come here and take it
A burning cigarette and an ashtray full of tears
Through a cold bourbon glass
She can see her worst fears
I sit there burning, I'm the feverish lie
You'll find no truth in my distant eyes
If you can't go all the way, then don't even start
Cause when you take my hand
You'll slide me your heart
I'm the wild horse that can't be tamed
Picture Postcard that can't be framed
Come and take my hand everybody can
Mothers hide your babies
Teach your children what the good book says
Righteous Never forsaken
Or their seed begging bread
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I'm The Devil Lyrics

Bride – I'm The Devil Lyrics