About 7: 30
On a saturday
I was waitin'
For the phone
And hoping
You would say
To get undressed
And look you
Your best for me
About every night
Before I go to bed
I take another look at
What you took and said
Thinkin' more or less
The more regress for me
Now it feels
Like forever
It's all been a dream
But I wonder
Do you think of me

Early in the mornin'
Late in the evenin'
Back in
That summertime
When you were mine
You see
You made me so crazy
Shocked and amazed me
You were my tear to cry
My lullaby to sing
Now I wanna be
I gotta be your girl
I just wanna be
I gotta be your girl

So when you told me
That you needed time
Did you mean to say
You needed
Piece of mind
Cause well
You cheated me
And treated me so bad
If I could take it back
I know I would for sure
Back to rainy nights
And kisses at my door
Remember whens and now
And thens we had
And now I'm not mistaken
It is what it seems
But I wonder
Would you still want me


I been talking bout
You leavin' me
Decivin' me
I been thinkin' bout
You shaken me
Heart braken me
I been
Dreamin' awayyyyyyyy
Would you still want me
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Summertime Lyrics

Brianna Taylor – Summertime Lyrics

Songwriters: MATTHEW BAIR
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