All you do is tell me lies
Can't you see I'm not surprised
That you think that I'm a fool
'cause you think that no one sees
And you think you're playin' me
I just think that your confused
You're playin' you, baby

You didn't think that I would catch you
You didn't know how I knew
You didn't think your girl would tell on you
You played yourself that way

She was your bestfriend in your eyes
But she told me the flip side
Guess she wanted in my life
If you would've seen her plan
Would've known I was the man
That she desired to have
You were too blind to see

I waited
Look enough for you to throw your cards
You played it
But playin'didn't get you very far
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Played Yourself Lyrics

Brian Mcknight – Played Yourself Lyrics

Songwriters: Jerkins, Rodney Roy / Daniels, Lashawn Ameen / Mc Knight, Brian Kelly / Jerkins, Freddie D Iii
Played Yourself lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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