Drivin' the windin' roads of Tennessee,
I saw an anchor on a mountain, a thousand miles from any sea.
Well, you can't be too careful,
You never know what you might need.
You know, Noah went from fool to celebrity.

I'm getting further from the things I thought I knew,
But I'm closer to the truth.
There's a distance to be crossed,
And it's the space between me and you.

There's a silver mist curtain this mornin' in the pines,
And this highway's like a river runnin' through this life of mine.
Oh, I'm getting tired, but I can't sleep;
Too many miles in front of me,
You're the only place I really want to be.

Repeat chorus

Repeat chorus
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Closer To The Truth Lyrics

Brian Burns – Closer To The Truth Lyrics