Mother saw your picture on her table that I gave to her for free.
She smiled and said as she picked up that picture of you, why did you bring this ugly man to me?
I said Mother this is my husband you refuse to see.
You taught me it is what is on inside that counts.
He has been good to me.

Well it has been many years now and Mother is with the Lord above.
I have been married to that awful looking man but now there is no love.
I sometimes wonder why I ever took his hand.
I chose never to use his last name.
Was he ever a good man?

He never really cared about me for it was all about him.
I was insulted one too many times.
Truth always come out in the end.

I found out that my Mamma was right about you.
Yes for the truth wins in the end.
You are that Oh So Ugly Man. Can I just be your friend?
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That Oh So Ugly Man Lyrics

Brenda Winters – That Oh So Ugly Man Lyrics