It's a story about
A street named "Decision"
Lays open the skin
With it's painful incision

It's time to rest
Erase your
Complicated mess

A sharp dressed narcotic
That drips dark red
Keeps you smiling
When you say it's ok

It's breaking me
With breathtaking ease
Rub me out
Erase your
Panic anxiety

Truth be told
I never liked her around
But she kept coming around between us

I can hear you
Pioneer you
Whisper near you
Fire and virtue
Got to keep a light burning all day

Happened to
Face value
Straight talking
Went out with
June brides and fashion queens

It's a story about a street named "Decision"
Lays open the skin with it's painful incision
Your words are guns
And they are loaded
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Erasure Lyrics

Brazil – Erasure Lyrics