I don't want to sit around
Talk about the wipers weren't
Those the good ole days I don't
Wanna wonder it yer gonna
Say hello I don't wanna wonder
If yer gonna walk away I don't
Wanna hear how many friends
You have cuz I don't have any
Any more I don't want you to
Tell me whats so cool I don't
Wanna go back to Jr. High school
I don't want anyone to tell me
How thin I am I don't want to die
For yer fuckin' candy treats
I just wanna be one of the boys
I just wanna be yer little fashion toy
Let's hang out and be cool alright
Lets go watch the girt fight tonight!
I don't have to try 'cuz I know where yer at
I hate dogs so l love cats
I can bake a pie and look you up and down
I could throw yer heart right outta this town
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Cool Schmool Lyrics

Bratmobile – Cool Schmool Lyrics