No one thought that I'd jump off that rocky ledge
So I did, and I broke my leg
And I let Jim Beam tell me I could take some guy
Twice my size, but old Jim lied
I can't pretend that I ain't been my life's own wrecking crew
And I'm surprised that I've survived all I put myself through

Before I knew better
Before I woke up
I did a whole lot of crazy foolish things I'm not proud of
It was just like me to risk it all
Even when the pain outweighed the pleasure
Before I knew better

You were the first to ever make me want to change
My reckless ways and I almost did
But somehow I lost track and wound up giving in
To the late night life and the good time friends
You swore to me one day you'd leave and all I had to say
Was there's the door what you waiting for
And who needs you anyway


Girl I pray somehow, someway we can turn this thing around
I thought your love was something I could live without
Before I knew


Before I knew better [Repeat: x3]
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Before I Knew Better Lyrics

Brad Martin – Before I Knew Better Lyrics

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