The smell of her perfume
Struggles to cover everything,
Inside this ringing toom.
Though once subdued, the silence seems to sing:
"Whoa-oh, I told you so!"

My name is evidence.
My role is undeniable
Unless I've become inadmissible.
In crimes of consequence, I'm only as reliable as the defendant defence is defendable.

I am the kill; though I'm unwilling to be still and accept this evil
As my own personal, and sentient will.

Nothing makes sense anymore
When murder's just a mistake that you have made.
Nothing makes sense anymore
So a sick and guilty man will be born again with conscience saved.

Judicial precedent will see to that.
I'll see to that. He'll see to that.
It's impossible given the incident,
Given his catatonic state - to imagine it playing out any other way
He was committed on that day.
As the doctor read his case,
There were implausibilities he couldn't place.
It was obvious that there was something more to this patient.
Something had been missed.
"It's this hole I can see in each of his eyes...where all the events that happen in this real world just kind of fall through.
It's loneliness"


Lyrics Submitted by Jason Nichols 8/17/2005.
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Sentencing Lyrics

Boys Night Out – Sentencing Lyrics