The first night after you're release,
no one expects you to get much sleep
you're the waking, walking dead
In my case i'm not much better
walk to the kitchen and grab a marker
trace the path the blood will flow
the lines I wear around my wrist
are there to prove that I exist
Tomorrow, it will be easier to forgive myself
and remember her without a guilty head
these nightmare lines, an empty heart
we take for granted all the things that make us who we are
get up, get dressed, go to work, they all know who you are
they can't believe you'd show up here, but that's just who they are
set up shop at your machine, calibrate and remember who you are

here lies clarity in a perfect grave comprised of perfect steel
the perfect blade, was a perfect white
against the perfect lines, from last perfect night
I'm the perfect picture of complacency
and that's all I feel
slow motion replaces real time
as the horror fills their eyes
these claws will never kill again
the lines i wear around my wrist
are there to prove that i exist
the lines i wear around my wrist
I am a monster, clothed in crimson sleeves
and perforated lines where my wrists should be
A warehouse full of workers scramble like a pack of bewildered wolves
as my world turns black... and i fall.
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Purging Lyrics

Boys Night Out – Purging Lyrics