Feels Like An Earthquake
Just Knocked Me To The Floor
It Is So Overrated To Make Someone Happy Anymore
Cuz Like A Gunshot, There's A Hole In Your Heart
And It's Bleeding, Yeah It's Bleeding
Call This Meeting To Order Now
Is The World Fallin' Apart
Or Is It Just Breaking Down
Is It Me Or Does It Seem Like
It's Turned Upside down
Is The World Fallin' Apart
Or Is Jst Breaking Down
'Cause Without I Just Don't See
How It Keeps Spinning Around
Feel Like A Playwright
With A Script That Makes No Sense
The Curtain Never Opens
And The Casting Call Seems Such A Great Success
And Like Nose-Dive
It Takes Your Breath Away
But Your Still Breathing
Still Breathing
It's Like I Can't Feel Anything But This
I Know I'm Not The Same Boy I Used To Be
Someone Tell Me Please
Drop Down On Your Knees
Put Your To The Ground
And Tell Me Do You Feel It Shaking Now
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World Falling Apart Lyrics

Bowling For Soup – World Falling Apart Lyrics