Many moons ago they traveled side by side - Reigning and
Conquering, their hearts were filled with pride! The
Courage of the lion, the power of the sword - They ruled
The land and sea that was by their fjord!

The longboats are ready to sail - Manned with axe, sword
And flail! The sword is what they lived by - To Valhalla
They were destined after they died!

Onward to plunder and pillage - Set out to destroy the
Enemy's village! No mercy given to the foe - Finish him
Off with a final blow!

Now their spirit lives on today - Generations have passed
On the way! The birth of the warrior, many years ago did
It start - Now their pride and their honour lies within
Our hearts!

Boots and braces and short-cropped hair! Into the streets
Where no-one dares! Honour and strength that is our
Pride! For victory we will fight to die!

Soon the earth shall hear our call - Before us the enemy
Will fall! There will be no end to this story - 'Cause
We'll carry on the faith of the warrior's glory!

White Power! Skinheads!
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Warrior's Glory Lyrics

Bound For Glory – Warrior's Glory Lyrics