(bonnie tyler/ paul hopkins/ peter oxendale)
Producer for bonnie: peter oxendale
Recorded in 1988 as a b-side for the single 'hide your heart'. Lyrics taken from careful listening.

Now I've known for a while
There's been something going on
And I've been getting the impression
That I'm not the only one
And if that's the way you want it
Than you'll have to make a-new
So listen 'til I tell you
Just what I'm gonna do
I don't want you to lie to me
'cause I won't take it anymore
And if I find that you've cheat on me
I'm just gonna walk right out the door

I'm not foolin'
I'm not foolin' anymore
I've got my eyes wide open
Gonna even up the score
I'm not foolin'
No, I'm not foolin'
I'm not foolin'
Oh no anymore

I can't stop thinking how
You hurt me once before
And I'm acting kinda crazy
'cause I feel so insecure
'cause I gave you all the loving
That a man could ever need
I'm a one-man-woman
That's the way I'll always be
You gotta try to understand
Why it's just gotta be this way
And if you know what's good for you
You'd better take notice of what I say

(repeat chorus 6 times... And ad libs)
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I'm Not Foolin' Lyrics

Bonnie Tyler – I'm Not Foolin' Lyrics