The prince was in his castle
When I drove up to the gates
In my '99 Suburban
Forest green with texas plates

I brought a bag of money
He said Let's have a party
Shut the door so we can talk

Put my cash into his bible
Said a prayer for all survival
Cut a line on Genesis
And held my hand, and whispered this:

"Relax, there'll be no warning for the next attack
Relax, and there's a discount on your income tax
Relax, if they're suspicious we can change the facts
Relax, cause once we've started no we can't turn back
Can't turn back, relax

"People need a leader who is confident and strong
So I get so lifted that I can't do no wrong
If they got questions
Well I tell them what to think
When it gets too much for me I just, have another drink.

Oh fuck

"I didn't need to get elected,
When I was born I was selected
Lead you to our destiny
The prince of lies claims victory


I gotta go to bed now
It's gettin on 10oclock and I've got a reputation to maintain
But I'll leave you with one thought
The work you've done over the past two years
Has been of a valuable service to me and our country"

Goodnight, goodnight...
Goodnight, sweet Prince...
Goodnight, goodnight, sweet prince
Goodnight, Goodnight
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Relax Lyrics

Bobby Conn – Relax Lyrics

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