I've got to get away [x9]

Ain't nothin' but the funk, Baby!

I need a piece of mind,
I'm stressed out today
It's about that time
To make that get away
Dealin' with the people
I deal with everyday
Got to find a place I can hide away

So I can be away from the madness
Far from the noise and the darkness
It's not too late, there's got to be a way
For me to escape all this nonsense

I've got to get away [x5]

They try and run my life
But that's the way I live
Do what I want to do
'Cause it's my prerogative
People always trippin'
About the things I say
But I'm livin' for the future
And I'm doing things my way

So why does the world just keep on
Doggin' me
I have to leave it all behind
'Cause there's gotta be a way
For me to escape all this nonsense

I've got to get away [x4]

Yo, check the groove be 's kicking a flow real smooth.
E double SS with some cess is a necessity to move.
So hit it where ya fit in and let them rhythm snatch ya.
As I release another Brown batch of Jams that slam
And you can't touch so scram.
I know you cram to understand who I am.
Damn, by the way can I please get this dance
Let's not freelance cause I'm just getting started,
Believe me that was nothing but a Brown party.
That's on, going on and got it going on.
Bob and Ted's rated number one so flow on it
And if you're in the house pump your fist and say ho, ho, ho.
Ted bring me on back
Bring me on back, dance.
There it is, oow.

I've got to get away [To Fade]
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Get Away Lyrics

Bobby Brown – Get Away Lyrics

Songwriters: Watkins, Tionne Tenese / Etheridge, Marqueze / Wade, Rico Renard / Murray, Raymon Ameer / Brown, Patrick L / Horton, Mckinley / Crump, Preston / Parkman, Marvin
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