I watch you most every night see you in the front porch lights
You and him sittin' in a swing radio playin' through the screen
Wilma Lou Wilma Lou don' let that boy put his hands on you
I can see he ain't your kind he loves your body and not your mind

Every night I watch you hard a hidin' here in the wreckin' yard
Sittin' in a rusty truck lettin' mosquitoes eat me up
Wilma Lou Wilma Lou

Oh Wilma Lou you're too far away so I sneak up behind his Chevrolet
I hunker down here in the weeds a little closer so I can see
I hear the June bugs in the night see you in the front porch light
I'm goin' home I've had enough God sake Wilma Lou get up
Wilma Lou Wilma Lou
Wilma Lou Wilma Lou
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Wilma Lou Lyrics

Bobby Bare – Wilma Lou Lyrics

Songwriters: MCDILL, BOB
Wilma Lou lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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