I don't know the rock and the roll
Cannot sing funk and soul
I don't know the bluegrass and jazz
Boy‚ my singing is a mess
I can't sit upon the rhythm'n'blues
Cannot jump up with my blue suede shoes
Can't sing like jacko chants along
I just can do one song

The only song I know‚ is the ska a gogo
The ska a gogo is the only song I know
Though I am no part of the yardland called jamaica

I feel like jamaica is part of my body and part of my

No matter how I try all the day
No matter how I sing all the way
I can't even sing a little thing for a school pickney
Hip a hopical pop and disco and tekkno is all wrong
There's only one song I can sing all the day
And all the night long

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Ska-a-go-go Lyrics

Bluekilla – Ska-a-go-go Lyrics