Late in the evenin', down by the dock,
Watchin' the birds in the sky.
You and me walkin', wingcoed with song,
And watchin' your beautiful eyes.
Oh-----we need another day,
The pills that you're takin', they take you away,
And I know where you're goin', is all up to you.
But I pray for small miracles too.
Over and over, I'm asking myself,
What in the world could go wrong?
Leave all the guilt and the lies on the shelf.
I hid them away for so long.
Oh----We should be home again,
The things that you're doin', they're fencing you in,
And the life that your livin', means nothin' to you.
So I pray for small miracles too.
(musical interlude)
Nights are all back again, back to an easier time.
You standin' over me, is a pictire I hold in my mind.
I heard that you're leavin', you're packin' your stuff.
Fadin' away like the sun.
I wish you'de come over, and tell me yourself, but
You'de have to know what you've done.
Oh----I need another day, the pills that you're takin',
They take you away, and I,
Know where you're goin' means nothin' to you,
So I pray for small miracles too!
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Small Miracles Lyrics

Blue Rodeo – Small Miracles Lyrics