Blue Rodeo Fools Like You lyrics
So good at doing
What you don't do
Just trying to protect yourself
And other fools like you
So well practiced
In your deceit
Behind the high walls of stupidity

Your endless conceit
Behind the locked door
The sleeping dog you beat
I hope I see the day
She satisfies her teeth
Give back to the native
Their treaty land
What you preach you preach for others
Why don't you practice that first hand

I just don't understand
This world of mine
I must be out of touch
Or out of my mind

And will the profits of destruction
Forever make your eyes blind
Do you bow to the corporations
Cause they pay their bills on time
God bless Elijah

With the feather in his hand
Stop stealing the Indian land
Stop stealing the Indian land
Stop stealing the Indian land
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Fools Like You Lyrics

Blue Rodeo – Fools Like You Lyrics

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