I'm not saying I'm angry now
I'm just wondering why you changed your mind
Happens all the time
How does it feel to have a winning hand
From a first-rate failure
To the leader in the chosen land
People never understand
If the world keeps spinning 'round
It'll be alright
You said if you were on your own
You could really fly
While you're up there
Turn around and touch the sky
I guess the point of getting out
Is never saying goodbye
You learn your lessons in the hardest times
Run out of patience
Lean on the bold faced lie
People never wonder why
I feel too tired to scream and shout
Left in the sun 'til the colors all fade out
If the world keeps spinning 'round
It'll be alright
You left us long ago
So you could really fly
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Flying Lyrics

Blue Rodeo – Flying Lyrics

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