I change my color for you.
I shed my coat with caution.
I lack the beauty you display.
See here they are the bruises.
Some were self inflicted.
Some showed up along the way.
So I nod my head, I'm ready for the world to see.
The secret I kept here inside, the man you thought I'd be.

I slip into coma calm.
The coma where I calm myself down.
Here come excuses.
Why I let you down.

Stand by for another break down.
Sound off the alarm.
Is this the chameleon boy I swore I wouldn't become?
Chameleon boy...

So now we've come upon the hardest thing I've ever done.
It's telling you that I'm a mess.
What sort of mess I mean is self destructive gasoline...
The kind that strips you of your best.
While I play instead...
The way that most would end up dead.
You sleep alone at home and wish that I were in our bed.
With this I'm telling you my color changes back to blue...
How do I ask you this?
Will you help me through?

(chorus) X2

I try to think of all the people I looked up to.
While growing up who would I be?
Now the twisted part...Where did all my idols end up?
They've all past away...

Past away...

(Stand by...
It's the chameleon boy) X2
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Chameleon Boy Lyrics

Blue October – Chameleon Boy Lyrics

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