Rise, Rise, Destroy, The Lies
A walking zombie, impervious to the facts.
Content, intent on a lifeless existence.
When two plus two equals five,
Inculcated with outright lies
Escape, And Break, The Chains, Their Game
A sickened society, this nation slowly dies.
Withstand the pressure,
From the ashes we will Rise,
Rise, To Kill, Their Lies

The routine is taught, itґs bred, youґre fed,
Their lies, their way, full of hypocrisy.
Free will, Free thought, ideals sold and bought,
By the masses, the masters dictating and controlling.
Awake, Arse, Regain, Your Lives

Corrupt and evil,
This government must fall
Their own polices will bring and end to it all

An army of one,
Stick to my gun,
This nation dies,
Steadfast, intact we slowly rise.
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Rise Lyrics

Blue Eyed Devils – Rise Lyrics