(Dickie Peterson)
I'm young and fast
Baby, I'm so slick
Better get down
Don't fake a trick.

Gotta get my baby, yeah
Gotta see her move
This street dog daddy
I done enough tonight. (right baby, alright)

I got my pay earlier today
It's all gone now, what can I say?

Got the hard life, baby
Got to be a good boy
Well, I love swing, baby
I sure like the way you bump! (my overdrive, get over)

Now everytime I get some dust
Want to party but I fuss.

To see my baby
Got the high dress on
You young stuff boogie
Baby, yeah, all night long!
(got the truer rhythm, might as well use it again now, whoo!)

(whoo-oo! Yeh! oow! oo! ooh!)

Well I try for pay
But it won't last the night
It's all gone now
But that's alright!

Make me send my baby
Got to see her gone
This street dog daddy
Baby I'm on my own. (on my own, honey, there's room for one more)

(clap! clap! clap! yay!)
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