My soul is hurting
And I know I cause my own disgrace
My eyes are blurry
And I strain to see beyond this place
And you know way to well that I don't know what to do
And I know way to well that I'm nothing without you.
Within you

I'm full of emotes
You don't even have to hurt my pride
These words are forced
I'm so open I have nothing left to hide
And you knew way to well that this is how it would be
And I knew way to well that it might come back to me yeah

I lost your confidence, when I feel my innocence
It fills my heart with openness
And you are my defense

Oh you are my defense

We're almost there now
I see home now it's just around the bend
And I know that somehow
We're gonna make it til the end
And you knew way to well that I would lose my way
But I knew way to well that you would save the dead

[Chorus: x2]

You are my defense

Oh my, my, my, my, defense
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Defense Lyrics

Bliss 66 – Defense Lyrics

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