Inky Dinky Shirt Jeans Read Levis
Need I. Say More. I don't Have To Reply
Dope Boy Magic Mister Brick Bandits
Got The Game On Lock Like A Bike On Sanford
Pockets Lookin Hungry And They Startin To Look Flat
I Grab A Couple Twenties Now They Startin To Look Fat
I Work Em Out A Little Now They Got A Six Pack
Then I'm Back Up On My Grind And I Never Look Back
Look At My Swag, A Towel can't Dry It
Trump can't Buy It And You Niggas can't Deny It
I'm Startin A Riot From The Hood To Myspace
It's Amazin Like Grace And I'm Amazin Like Grace
In The Sea Of My Faith It Goes Over My Waist
And I Never Look Back I'm Tryna Win My Race
Cause If I Look Back I Might Trip On My Lace
And End Up In Ninth Place

Hehe Lets Go


Jeans Used To Sag, Now They Just Drag
Hangin Off My Boots As I'm Walkin Down The Ave
Rockstar Belt Hangin Dirty Like A Rag
Carryin My Money In That Brown Duffle Bag
Niggas Got Mad When My Team Got Founded
Head A Couple Tracks Then The Whole Hood Crowded
Then We Got Groupies, You Know I Love My Groupies
All My Girls Bad, But My Girls Aint Grounded
Niggas Think They Rap Nice Niggas Act Hype
Ask Black Mic, I Grind Like The Block Was A Half-Pipe
Letchu Boys Eat Now U Know I Want My Lunchback
You Think You Ballin Off One Track And One Stack
Cut That, You Know My Steelo When The Clubs Packed
Stay Posted On The Wall Like A Thumbtack
You Talkin Bout Your Money, I Been There, Done That
My Name Rings Bells Like The Notre Dame Hunhback

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This Song Lyrics

Bleszt – This Song Lyrics