Cutting through just like champagne petals
Sprinkled over the blackest sea
Urban stars will shine, electric, they keep on calling
As they beckon I'm enamored of the sight
No, everything won't be alright for me tomorrow
Tomorrow may not come

Ascending slowly with hopes of finding
One small moment of clarity
I escape the blackness cast upon me
I still can't see as you bind me, murder me from miles away
I will finish this today for you
Tomorrow means nothing

Immobile lights will fly tonight
We'll watch them pass together as we part the rising sky
I won't die without you
These breathtaking heights lend sparkling sights
But we won't fall forever
Tightly bound we'll chase the ground
I won't die without you

Descending quickly with hopes of sharing
All the things you've shared with me
I'll chase the digital eye's below me
Through them you'll see as I fall
With digital omniscient eyes
Capturing me one last time for you
Tomorrow you will see


This is a breakthrough
Oh, forget me not
This is my breakthrough
Oh, forget me not
We you see me soaring and the lights are screaming

We'll fly tonight


I won't die

I won't die without you
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Snuff On Digital Lyrics

Blaqk Audio – Snuff On Digital Lyrics