Darla how are you this morning, Darla are you doing fine? Darla can I make your bed? And braid your hair? Will I look around and know you're there?

Why, Why did it have to be you, we loved you and we still do, how many times did you want to give up, and what was it that kept you strong? Was it the people who loved you, and the GOD who helped you through? I wont cry, you are in heaven singing so high. Dancing with Jesus shinning like the son, singing Hallelujah, Praise to my King I'm free. Chours

When you were a kid, you loved to ride bikes, and horses, you stayed out as long as you could, but when you grew up you got this disease and it wasn't fair, NO, it wasn't fair. Chorus

Dear Friends, this is not the end, don't loose hope, you will always have a friend there is someone who will always love you and keep you up, yea HIS name is JESUS! (Chorus)

Darla you're free!
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Darla Lyrics

Blameless Child – Darla Lyrics

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