What is this green slime that I'm licking? The taste is so foul, yet
Exotic. I think it must be bat shit, because it makes me feel so erotic.
What is this terrible headache I am suffering? I have taken all kinds of
Drugs but the pain won't stop. I believe... I believe... I must be turning
Into a morbid. It makes me throw up violently. Incredible amount of blood.
Black blood. Black vomit. What is this disease that's eating me alive?
Turning me into a somekind of walking corpse. I am changing into a passive
Aggressive. And I feel an urge to kill 90% of mankind. It seems to have
Mysterious attraction to my eyes and testicles. My eyes, they've turned red
And threathening. My testicles, they're swollen and partly rotten. I even
Have blood dripping from my nipples. I must be infected with Ebola Zaire.
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Vomito Negro Lyrics

Blackthrone – Vomito Negro Lyrics