When mountains crumble to the ground
You and me will be around
You're the sand I'm the sea
We find ourselves where shorelines meet
I refer to you as my best friend
Yeah I will until times end
Some things were meant to be
And that's the case for you and me

Forever - You and I
Forever - That's a mighty long time
To love, protect and always serve
To be true and never hurt
Forever you and I
Hold my hand as we walk thru life

You make the old seem brand new
Every night I discover you
You find your inspiration in me
I walk in rhythmn with your heartbeat
If I'm called before my time
I'll save a cloud next to mine
In the after worlld we will cruise
Hand in hand me and you


Forever you and I
Yeah well, hold my hand as we walk thru life


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Forever You And I Lyrics

Blackboard Jungle – Forever You And I Lyrics