Oh it's night againAnd the dark just killed the sunIf the light must endYou've got time to run awayThere's a door to dreamsAnd it always lets you inBut with a silent screamAll the nightmares must beginStill you chase what you can't seeLike death and pain and sinAnd the Shadow of The WindThe Shadow of The WindYou'll remember meI could make you disappearBe where you want to beJust as long as it's not hereWell I'm back and strongerAnd the first one's always freeAnd it lasts much longerYou can bet your sanityNever more the victim criesAs I slip beneath the skinLike the Shadow of The WindThe Shadow of The WindIf words had names like red and greenAnd two for sympathyBlack and white and in betweenThen you'd be miseryEvery day is an inquisitionWho are you? What are you? Why?I'm alive, I belong, I'll be backIt's a half truth, still a whole lieIn the garden of good and evilYou'll come, but you knowThe spider only spinsThe Shadow of The WindThe Shadow of The Wind
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Shadow Of The Wind Lyrics

Black Sabbath – Shadow Of The Wind Lyrics

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