The epidemic from a crystal life
Puts you in super overdrive
The methademic that is so hard to hide
Insanely staring with white eyes

Hallucinating in a chemical hell
Ain't my idea of having fun
Synthetic overload, you're under it's spell
Your super nightmare's just begun

You try to stop
But it controls you
Your love affair with it won't last
You're on a suicidal ride of self-destruction
And in the end you're gonna crash, you live too fast
You live too fast

You look just like
A dead man alive
Losing the fight for survival
You sit and wait
At hell's fiery gate
Waiting the devil's arrival, ha ha ha!

You live so fast you need more methademic crystal
You never sleep, you just keep going
Just pull the trigger on your hypodermic pistol
Each time you're dying without knowing, you live too fast
You live too fast

What's the point, it's killing you without you even knowing
I can't tell you so your soul and hell is where it's going, ha ha ha!
(I'll see you there)
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Methademic Lyrics

Black Sabbath – Methademic Lyrics