Sucker myself into believing that I'm doing the right thing
I think of your face, and I pretend that I'm not alone
I'm lining up all the love and the trust and the good things
But there's a hole in my heart where I once kept a piece of home

What if one of yours turned a color
You didn't mean for it to be?
And what if one of yours became another?
Would you hear it say:
Let me go
This isn't what I wanted, I can't be here anymore
Let me go
This isn't what I needed, I can't exist here anymore

I've been thinking about my money
And how I gave it all away
I've been thinking about the people
And how I should have never let 'em stay
I've been thinking about how I always have to write just one more song
Well, you know me, and that'll never change
But I meant well all along, and I was wrong


Replace the silence with deafening sound
Send away the people; I want no one around
This is my greatest mistake, I hope you realize
I die every time I look in your eyes

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One Of Yours Lyrics

Black Light Burns – One Of Yours Lyrics