Whoa... Yea...
What's Up Ya'll
It's us...
Amina & Jazz... Black Buddafly in the building right now
& We 'bout to tell ya'll how it is
Cause it's amazin
Shoutout to the haters
& If your a real artist you know what I'm talking about
They wanna change you...
Make you something your not
But stick to your goods
Stick to who you are
& be yourself
Remember that

[Verse 1:]
I'm amazin'
We're amazed when...
I hit the stage and I'm rockin' with my twin...
Can be mistaken...
It's diva's in the making
Labels are slow but we're done with waitin
No matter what
You cannot take this from me
I truly won't let nobody change you I'll be
Cause I'm amazin'
We're amazin'
We are double
& No rihanna...
But we're superstars in trouble
See the good girl goin bads what...
Black Buddafly and all 5 said
And no matter what
You will not take me from
Won't let no one take my individuality
Cause I'm amazin

[Chorus:] [x2]
I'm amazin
We're amazin
So Amazin
So Amazin'

I know you know what we're talkin about right
Nobody ever wants to see you do good
Yea... But then you actually do good then they all wanna be your friend
You know how it is Kanye
So this verse number three goes out to ya'll

[Verse 2:]
If your amazin
&You know it
Stand up for what you do before they blow it
This is your life
To do what you like
No disrespect to anyone
But it's do or die
& No matter what
You best stay strong and believe
Be good at what you got
& And just stay fly like me
Cause I'm amazin' [Yea... Yea... Yea... Oh]

[Chorus:] [x2]
I'm amazin
We're amazin
So Amazin
So Amazin'

Don't get me wrong
We're not tryin diss nobody
Uh uh... We're just tryin to be us!
Just like your tryin to be you
& Your tryin to be you
Everybody's different
Just respect yourself
& Be yourself
Keep grindin'
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Amazin' Lyrics

Black Buddafly – Amazin' Lyrics