Maybe one day you

Legalize me - No corruption
Legalize me - No laws
Legalize me - No remorse
Legalize me - I'm the king
Legalize me - And my vices
Legalize me - And Chaos
Legalize me - to survive
Legalize me - I am god

I'm the reflect of nobody
I'm an engraved icon
I'm stronger by raise me
A leader who speak for you

Why don't you listen to me?!
Why don't you follow me!
Why don't you react

Follow me - fight!
Trust me - fight!
Help me and I will be grateful

You're the reflect of nobody
You're an engraved icon
You're stronger by raise me
Leaders in quest of truth?

Now you have understood
United, we're stronger
Together we're able to settle up with
This fuckin' system that can't even feed our dreams

You're the king!
I'm the king too!
Leaders in quest of truth?
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Legalize Me Lyrics

Black Bomb A – Legalize Me Lyrics