I told you that I would write you a song
But the truth is that I'm so stuck for words
I didn't realize it would take this long

Nothing needs to be said to know
Nothing needs to be done to show you
That I'm right in front of you

Well ill be gone.. But not for long
When you need to see me
Close your eyes and listen to this song
Cause for now that's the closest ill be to you

My mind my heart its so mixed up
Help me break through, you asked
Is this right, yea I think it is, will we know... Cause time will tell us tonight

That night was like a perfect portrait
You and I painted underneath the stars
Standing there close to you.. Everything was so right
Made me forget the pain... A kiss can erase those memories

My feelings for you are like a secret I can't keep
Been days since my eyes have seen sleep
With you everything is so real
Those hazel eyes, your beautiful smile.. Yeah that's real
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I Wish I Could Tell You Everything Lyrics

Bitter Sweet Despair – I Wish I Could Tell You Everything Lyrics