Look to your left--look to your right
Look to yourself--look for a fight
If looks could kill, I�d be dead on sight
Oo yea--you�re dynamite
Pushin� yourself--think you�re so nice
Foolin� yourself--never think twice
Everything goes--keep me on ice
You kind of love cuts me down like a knife
I see your demons marchin� into my life

Don�t want your hand-me-downs

Play it all wrong--say it�s all right
Play it too strong--play it too tight
Take it too far--do it in spite
Oo yea--you�re such a fright
(spirit lives on) in the past
(passion ignites) you been movin�
(movers move on) much too fast
(soldiers must fight) shakin� me up--move to indict
We�re bound to lose when you start to fight
I see your secrets steppin� into the light

Don�t want your hand-me-downs

Say it�s all wrong--say it�s good night
Say it�s so long--take a big bite
Say what you will--say it just right
Oo yea--get out of sight
(gonna hang tough) oo yea
(gonna hang tight) should I lose ya
(ya wanna play rough) I don�t care
(we�ll do it up right)
I read the news...i seen the light
I got to move when the time is right
Get me my ticket and I�m outa sight

Don�t want your hand-me-downs

Look to your left--look to your right
Look at yourself--take a big bite
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Hand-Me-Downs Lyrics

Billy Squier – Hand-Me-Downs Lyrics

Songwriters: BILLY SQUIER
Hand-Me-Downs lyrics © SPIRIT MUSIC GROUP

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