Shootin' at a beer can on a fence post
Drivin' to your girlfriend's on a backhoe
Goin' skinny-dippin' on an old wood dock
Startin' up a bonfire with gasoline
Seein' who can get higher on a rope swing
Burnin' up your new tires in the parking lot

Let me tell you right now
Just in case you don't know

That's thrillbilly
Real hillbilly
That's thrillbilly
'Till the cows come home
That's down-home style
Mixed with buck wild
So get on down and you'll be proud
Of how you roll
That's thrillbilly
That's thrillbilly

Flippin' off a barn roof into a haystack
Sippin' on some home brew sittin' outback
Thinkin' it'd be cool to build a submarine
Dragin' down a two lane with your lights off
Hoppin' on a freight train at a feed lot
Raisin' you some bi cain- in John Deere green
Here's come Bubba on his four-wheeler
"Hey man, y'all watch this"


Oh, hillbilly

Come on, come on


Oh, hillbilly

So get on down and you'll be proud
Of how you roll.
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Thrillbilly Lyrics

Billy Ray Cyrus – Thrillbilly Lyrics

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