I forgot why we started this...
How the feelings will fade
And no longer resist
The distance that comes
With all of those things that we missed

I remember the place
Where we first met
When we sat and we talked
Til no one was left
When the bartender said:
"I'm sorry, but I need my rest"

We're closed down
We're closed down
You gotta go somewhere else
We're closed down
We took our hopes home to rest

In the same place
Not in the same spot
You cheat a little
I cheat a lot
Convincing myself that I'm honest
When I know that I'm not

So, you drown out your anger
You drown out your fear
When the shit hits the fan
Somehow steer your way clear
But this path keeps on twisting
Year after year after year

Til you're closed down
You're closed down
You shut it all out
You're closed down
Forgetting what love was about

There's a car on the road
With it's wheels turning stuck
The driver he's cursing
He slams the door shut
It's a quiet frustration
That leads us down into this rut

The headlights stream in
They light up your face
I want to jump in my car
And drive it away
But the motor turns over
Slowly, it brings you to wake

To close down

You can hear the ghosts making their rounds

The buildings are crumbling
They're walking the grounds
We're tearing down what we've made
Without making a sound

So lets jump in that car
Escape while we can
From this drift that's become
An avalanche

I don't want to buried
With these ghosts
Who don't understand
Why we closed down

We closed down
We clsoed down
Closed down
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Closed Down Lyrics

Billy Pilgrim – Closed Down Lyrics