There's a little moonlight dancing on the sand
There's a warm breeze blowing by the ocean as you're taking my hand
You need to know where I'm standing now
That I'm right on the edge of giving into ya
Baby it's a long way down

If I fall, can you let me down easy?
If I leave my heart with you tonight
Will you promise me that you're gonna treat it right?
I'm barely hangin' on
If I fall, can you let me down easy?

The scent of your perfume floatin' in the air
You're looking like an angel lying on a blanket with a halo of hair
And those lips look too good to be true
Once I taste that kiss, I know what'll happen
I'll be at the mercy of you

[Chorus: x2]

If I fall, can you let me down easy
Let me down easy baby
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Let Me Down Easy Lyrics

Billy Currington – Let Me Down Easy Lyrics

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