I'm pulling through and it's because of you!
When I was stranded came your helping hand
Lonely, hurt I had not known which way to turn
'Til you said, "Try smiles, not tears, just laugh and learn"

I'm pulling trough and it's because of you!
You made me see how lovely life could be
Lifted up my heart and made me count the cost
To find I'd gained, not lost!

When I thought that hope was really gone
You showed me I was wrong
And you taught me how to carry on
Thanks for the lift in time and thanks for this song!

I'm pulling trough and it's because of you!
I'd do the same for you if your turn came
Hope it never will
For I've been though the mill
I won't get this debt
I'm pulling trough
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I'm Pulling Through Lyrics

Billie Holiday – I'm Pulling Through Lyrics

Songwriters: WILSON, HERZOG
I'm Pulling Through lyrics © CARLIN AMERICA INC

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