I've been looking around
There's a whole new world I see
And so many things that I can do
With your strength in me
# Now I ask you to hear
As I sing of brighter days
For I need to have you very near
Come and find the way#
* Give me the wings
Of an eagle
I will soar into the sky
Give me strength
To hold a brother's hand
As he's passing by
Give me the eyes
Of tomorrow
Let me see what I can find
If you lead me
I will follow now*
Give me wings to fly@
You've been watching me grow
As you gently lead me on
It's your love and power that I know
Guides and keeps me strong
(repeat# to @)
High above the clouds
I can see the beauty down below
And I know you're holding me
I'll never fly alone
(repeat * to *)
Give me to reach the sky
Moving up I'm rising high
Give me wings to fly
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Give Me Wings Lyrics

Bill Monroe – Give Me Wings Lyrics