What if I disobey all the shit that you say,
You thing everything is fine but you're running out of time,
Don't piss me off or I'm gonna kick your fucking ass.

Why do you think that we are gonna do all the things you say,
Why do you think that you own this scene, for me you are just a name.

Just 'cause you know this music for a long time,
Don't think that you can say what is wrong and what's right,
Just 'cause you know everybody around, you think you know it all,
Well you're just a fucking retard.

Don't you piss me off,
Can't you see I can kick you cute balls?
Don't you piss me off,
Don't you know the limits?

Fucking retard,
If your words make you feel alright,
Fucking retard,
For me you are just crap,
Fucking retard,
Don't piss me off.
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D.M.P.O Lyrics

Bigspin – D.M.P.O Lyrics