Slow it down, Slow it down again,
I think I'm lost here, I think I'm lost my friend,
I made a left when I should have gone right,
I'm feeling lucky just watching you tonight,

And you move around with such grace,
You remove your hair from your face,

'Cause you're driving me, so damn crazy
'Cause you're driving me, so damn crazy

Beauty is in the eyes of me,
'Cause all I see is you staring back at me,
You are my queen and I am at your feet,
And I'm begging you to choose me,

Just to see your smile and to hear your voice,
I'd wait forever it's your choice,


Please forgive me for love restrained and lack of patience,
Wildfires, butterflies, playful eyes of misbehaving,

Slow it down slow it down tonight,
I want make you feel so right,
I'd let you do to me baby what you please,
I'd let you take complete control of me,

And you put your hands on my chest,
And through my hair girl I must confess,
When you whisper so soft in my ears,
Your everything I need to feel,

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Crazy Lyrics

Big 10-4 – Crazy Lyrics

Songwriters: DAN VERDUIN

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