you looked like you were sleeping
waiting, days for the twenty two
come on, we'll grab a chariot
come on, we'll write a soundtrack
quater to two and night's ending
we need to stand where no romans dare to stand
shut up, you might sink ships
shut up, you'll lose your gold tooth

we'll testify and we'll declare
daydreams pile up on the interstate where
the arch there is still a square
and we'll if ya dare but please don't dare us

you said that you were loaded
i know because i think i was loaded too
come on, we'll wait the holidays
come on, we'll curse our weekdays
one dollar well sings the chorus
something a little little bigger than small
shut up, the kids make out
shut up, we'll watch the world spin
goddamn the commies where ever they are
we need someone to blame for closin' this bar
and the neon fades like a star
and we'll wish on that star our week goes faster

conversation ends and the drugs start to fade
on the palm desert strip martians parade
and they will attack
and we'll laugh

it's alright it's okay it don't matter today
it's all easy, everything's cool
it's okay it's alright it don't matter tonight
it's all easy
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Lay Low For The Letdown Lyrics

Beulah – Lay Low For The Letdown Lyrics

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