Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Angels on my left and right
To keep me safe all through the night
There's a place way up high
Starry bright there, through the night there
Close your eyes, let your wishes fly
You'll be in Dreamland by and by
Dimpled and drowsy, off you go
Over the treetops, sliding down a rainbow
Sleepyhead, curl up in your bed
And 'til the sun says, "Rise and shine"
Sleep warm in Dreamland, baby mine
There's a place worlds away
Time has wings there, green with springs there
Smiles and songs bloom on every tree
Only in Dreamland, just wait and see
Deep down inside us, a child's still there
Wishing for Dreamland, knowing that it's somewhere
Though it may seem so far away
If you believe that dreams come true
You'll find a Dreamland waiting for you
Mmm, go to sleep now, dear
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Dreamland Lyrics

Bette Midler – Dreamland Lyrics

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