Fire lights the stage
Chaotic life engaged
To feel this energy
Is to fuel this hidden rage

This rage [3x]
We cannot stop this rage
We will not fight this rage
We won't suppress this rage
We will unleash this rage

Struggle and pain
Play the game again
Sacrifice for these dreams
Hope never seems in vain

In vain [3x]
They question us in vain
They look at us in vain
They persecute in vain
They execute

A price we pay
It goes on, and on, and on
Desire stands strong
Play the symphony of life

Blood, sweat and tears
Release all these fears
Achieving our destiny
This calling that we hear

These fears [3x]
You can't obey these fears
You can destroy these fears
You bottle up these fears
You must release

[Verse 3:]
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Tribulation Lyrics

Betrayer – Tribulation Lyrics